Peredur Calls on Health Minister to Sort out Hospital Problems After Damning Report


A Plaid Cymru MS has said a damning report into an A&E department in his region “paints a disturbing picture” of an NHS poorly serving patients and staff.

Peredur Owen Griffiths MS said patients and staff at Prince Charles Hospital in Merthyr deserve better than the scenes which Healthcare Inspectorate Wales staff found during an unannounced visit in September when the hospital was struggling against the backdrop of Covid. 

Their report, published this week, found ‘significant issues with bed availability and patient flow throughout the hospital,’ ‘that the health board was not fully compliant with many of the Health and Care Standards’ and that there was ‘poor patient experience across both the Emergency Department and Clinical Decisions Unit.’

The report found that staff were ‘in tears and ashamed to work' at the hospital.

Peredur said: “This is a shocking report and paints a disturbing picture of a hospital struggling badly. Patients deserve better, so do staff who should not be upset and embarrassed to come into work, especially after the sacrifices they have made during the pandemic to keep us safe.

“It is shame that we have no plenary sessions left this side of Christmas to question the Health Minister about how things got so bad at Prince Charles Hospital. I also want to know what is being done to remedy the situation.

“As we approach a new wave of coronavirus, I would like reassurances that the hospital is in a better place to meet what is coming our way. I will be getting in touch with the Health Minister for answers on this.”

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