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I wanted to let you know that I, and the Plaid Cymru team in Blaenau Gwent, are here to help in these difficult times. I have heard heart-warming stories of local people pulling together to support each other to create better communities for us all.

It shows that that if we work together, we can all achieve so much for our communities.

We are not without our challenges: from the Heads of the Valleys roadworks to health and social care systems not working together; from the insufficient public transport in the county to the lack of investment in creating new jobs for local people. These are matters that cause many people concern and they need action, especially following Covid-19.

I am keen to speak to as many of you as possible to hear ideas and opinions so we can put forward solutions for a better Blaenau Gwent.

I want to hear from you - please tell me what my priority should be, using the form below.

Over the last few months, I have been overwhelmed by the warm reception I've received from so many of you as I work towards being your next representative in the Senedd. If I have already spoken to you: thank you for taking the time to discuss the issues that affect us all. If we are yet to speak, I hope we will get a chance soon.

Warm wishes

Peredur Owen-Griffiths


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  • Ian Davies
    commented 2020-09-26 07:33:17 +0100
    I have emailed Ken Skates, MS for transport for the Welsh Government and got fobbed off. I’ve emailed one of the Directors of Costain’s UK and was virtually told where to go! I’ve emailed Jeff Mapps – Public liaison Officer for Costain’s and he’s living on another planet – he doesn’t think there’s a problem. I’m just sick to death of being fobbed off by every official. I’ve even email the First Minister – he’s hasn’t taken the time to reply.
  • Trish Mepham
    commented 2020-09-22 19:14:15 +0100
    I would also like to see traffic calming measures put in place due to the speeds cars are travelling through King a Street in Brynmawr, they are treating King Street like a race track and is a danger to the residents and other careful drivers
  • Stephen Bard
    commented 2020-08-01 15:34:09 +0100
    I think that jobs are going to be the biggest issue around here for me. Not just about how to create new jobs but considering how we protect existing jobs. With news of the retail sector going to be hit hard and many small firms struggling to survive it is vital that things are put in place to help. We need to consider ways to encourage new business to set up here in Blaenau Gwent and look at any ways possible to support the businesses that exist to survive.
  • Gemma Marshall
    commented 2020-07-31 18:59:19 +0100
    Fly-tipping is a huge problem in this area especially on the beautiful hills and mountains that some see as a wasteland to be used to avoid paying fees at the recycling centre – we need more measures to hold those responsible to account and perhaps incentives for people to use the services available.
  • Peredur Owen Griffiths
    published this page 2020-07-02 13:34:31 +0100

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