Labour Government Need to Remedy Hospital Problems Urgently – Peredur


Speaking about the damning report released by Health Inspectorate Wales into The Grange Hospital, Plaid Cymru MS for South Wales East, Peredur Owen Griffiths said: “This report paints a disturbing picture of a struggling hospital.

“Despite the best efforts of the dedicated staff at The Grange, patients are waiting for far too long in a hospital waiting room that is too small and too uncomfortable.

“This flagship hospital was only officially opened last year and it beggars belief that such fundamental flaws have become apparent so soon.

“I recently found out that ambulance crews are waiting outside The Grange for an average of more than 2,000 hours each week. That’s an incredible waste of valuable staff time, not to mention an awful experience for patients left waiting in ambulances.”

Peredur added: “The Labour Government needs to get a grip on the bottlenecks that are causing major problems for patients and staff alike. Until they do, patient satisfaction and staff morale will remain lower than they should be.

“There is also an urgency to get this sorted before the inevitable added pressure that comes every winter. There is no time for the Health Minister to lose.”

The summary report can be found here.

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