Investigation into Gwent Police must be “thorough, wide-reaching and transparent” – Peredur


Reacting to the disturbing allegations made about Gwent Police officers sharing racist, misogynistic and sexist content on their phones, Plaid Cymru’s Peredur Owen Griffiths said such behaviour “must be rooted out.”

He said: “The material found on the phone of the former Gwent police officer is deeply disturbing.

“All police officers swear to make communities safer and protect the peace – the material exposed by this report falls well short of those standards.  

“There can be no place for such views in any police force and this behaviour must be rooted out.”

He added: “The investigation must be thorough, wide-reaching and transparent. Gwent Police – and all other police forces – must send out a message to staff that these views and behaviours are not welcome in their ranks. 

“I have received assurances from the Chief Constable Pam Kelly that thorough action will be taken by the force over this matter.”

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