Deputy Minister Attends Cross Party Group on Substance Misuse and Addiction


Plaid Cymru MS Peredur Owen Griffiths welcomed a Welsh Government Deputy Minister to his latest cross-party group on Substance Misuse and Addiction.

The MS for South Wales East chaired the meeting which featured a contribution from Lynne Neagle MS who is responsible for the government’s strategy on substance misuse as Deputy Minister for Mental Health and Well Being.    

Also speaking at the meeting in the Pierhead building were George Charlton who runs a training and consultancy service delivering drug and alcohol awareness programs and Rondine Molinaro who is the Head of the Gwent Drug and Alcohol Service.

Both speakers spoke about the importance of co-production in service provision and the need to tackle stigma in order to improve outcomes.

Peredur set up the cross-party group shortly after his election to the Senedd with the drugs charity Kaleidoscope to promote conversation, best practice and co-operation in services.

Afterwards, Peredur said: “The latest meeting was typically thought-provoking and informative thanks to our fantastic speakers. George and Rondine are both making a huge difference for vulnerable people they encounter.

“Their approach is saving lives and we need to see more of their trauma-informed, compassionate and trusting approach to dealing with substance use in other quarters.

“They provided much evidence of best practice for the Deputy Minister to take on board and she was clearly moved and impressed by what she had heard.” 

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