Support our Self-Employed workers

The Covid-19 crisis is causing both health and financial stress to everyone in Wales. We welcome the steps the government has already taken to support people through this outbreak. However, many remain without the essential support needed to give them peace of mind during these troubling times.

Self-employed workers in particular still haven't been given the assurances they need from the government that they won't be left in financial ruin for doing the right thing and staying at home.

We call on the UK government to immediately produce a package of support for self-employed workers, including:

  • The self-employed, freelancers, sole-traders, and workers in the gig economy must be given the same level of support as employed workers will be receiving.
  • This means that up to £2,500 a month must also be available for the self-employed who will stand to lose customers or won’t be able to work.

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This starts with you

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