Peredur Champions Rights of Partially Sighted People in Senedd


A Plaid Cymru MS has called on the Senedd Commission to meet with a sight loss charity to make the Welsh Parliament more accessible for partially sighted people.

Peredur Owen Griffiths, who represents the South Wales East region for the party, used a plenary question to call on commissioner Joyce Watson MS to meet with the Royal National Institute of Blind People Cymru.

During the session, he said: “Losing one's sight is an increasing problem in this country. Yesterday, RNIB Cymru staged an event—an introduction to sight loss—to encourage Members to consider how we would support and communicate with our blind and partially sighted constituents.

“RNIB Cymru says that 13 more people start to lose their vision every day in Wales. They also anticipate that the numbers will dramatically increase, with the number of people living with sight loss doubling by the year 2050.

“One of the other things that RNIB Cymru say is that the Senedd estate is particularly difficult for blind and partially sighted people to navigate. This is because of the abundance of clear glass, as well as slate floors and stairs.

“Bearing that in mind, would Commission representatives be willing to meet with RNIB Cymru, with the intention of committing to their 'visibility better' principles for the design of inclusive buildings?”

In reply, Ms Watson agreed to meet with RNIB Cymru.

If you want to support Plaid Cymru and Peredur, please click this link.

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