Peredur Urges Welsh Government to Get to Work on Enabling Community Energy Projects


A Plaid Cymru MS has pressed the government on making it easier for communities to have ownership of green energy schemes.

Peredur Owen Griffiths MS asked the Economy Minister Vaughan Gething for a progress report following assurances given by the Government on community energy schemes during a Plaid Cymru debate last month.

Peredur, who represents the South Wales East region, said there were a strong correlation internationally between community benefits and community buy-in when it comes to sustainable energy projects.

The question was raised in the week that Peredur travels to COP26 in his role as chair of the Senedd Finance Committee. The conference is being billed as the last chance to save planet Earth in the face of an emerging climate emergency.

During Economy questions, Peredur said: “During Plaid Cymru's debate last month on the energy sector and the climate emergency, there was a response from your Government that hinted at a positive change when it comes to ensuring that the wealth generated by renewable energy is retained in Welsh communities.

“There was a reference to, and I quote, 'a deep dive' the following day, to see what barriers can be overcome to increase renewable energy capacity owned by public bodies and community groups across Wales.

“We really need to see progress in terms of community ownership, as this has been shown to be key, in numerous international examples, in shifting public attitudes towards renewable energy generation.

“Three weeks on from the so-called deep dive, what update can you give on the efforts to ensure the profits and benefits of energy projects in Wales remain in Wales?”

In reply, Mr Gething said: “I won't be able to give you an answer today, but I can say that I'll continue to work with Ministers in the climate change department, not just to deliver a better way to generate power that is renewable and doesn't compromise the future of the planet, but, actually, can deliver a real economic dividend for local communities.”

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