Peredur Endorses Newport Community Bike Project


Plaid Cymru’s Peredur Owen Griffiths has visited a community bike project that recycles bikes and donates them to people in need of transport.

The Plaid Cymru MS for South Wales East visited the Newport Refugee Bike Project run by Mark Seymour of the Gap Project in Newport. The projects works a lot with asylum seekers and refugees looking for experience and camaraderie.

They are in the process of setting up an innovative community bike hub in the centre of Newport, to provide a ‘pay-as-you-go’ indoor secure bike storage in an empty shop unit. They also want to establish a range of community bike riding initiatives to promote active travel in Newport.

Peredur, who donated four bikes during the visit, said: “It was great to see the work being undertaken by the Newport Refugee Bike Project. They are taking unwanted bikes and giving them a new lease of life thanks to the dedication of the volunteers.

“These bikes are then being used to give people the means of transport which is essential for many to get to and from work. The project also does something that is impossible to put a price on – it improves mental well-being and gives participants a great sense of achievement.

“I wish the Mark and his volunteers all the very best in their new endeavours and look forward to visiting them in the future at their new premises to see how their plans come to fruition.” 

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